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Hey! You've reached the personal journal of Aimee, aka manga_ghost!

I'm 80% locked up... the stuff you can see below you consists of fannish things such as fanfics, fanart and fanmixy type things... but if you really want the key to getting past the ghost shield to the rest of my entries, you can comment below. ^^
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manga_ghost is moving to raspberrybeanie!

Mostly because I haven't used this journal in forever and I want to get back into journaling properly - but I feel like starting afresh with a new journal to clear everything up a bit, and since I've just moved to Japan this seemed like a good time to start!

I'll probably add everyone I talk to regularly or semi-regularly still to the new journal, but I haven't used this thing in so long that I forget whose journal is whose - so if I happen to miss you and you still want to follow me while I get back into this thing, then I'd be very happy for you to prod me and nag me for not bringing you across. ♥ This also works both ways - if you'd rather not have me on your flist anymore after the move, feel free to tell me that here too, and I won't hold any hard feelings against you! I know I've been AWOL from mainstream LJ-ing for so long that it's totally understandable if you'd like to drop me.

Other than that, I guess this journal is closed now? IDK. XD; Either way, I'll see you on the flip-side!

[Spain] ¿No tienes tomates?

Because I'm not sure if I'll ever finish the whole thing... [FANFIC... preview? Idek guys]

So yes, because I'm crazy and trying to keep my mind off results day tomorrow, I'm trying to write a Hetalia fic about the Anglo-Portuguese alliance. The research and stuff has been great fun, I've learned a lot while doing it, but trying to cover roughly 700 years of history in a Hetalia way while not making it too much of an infodump is difficullllt. Especially when one of the characters involved is an OC, sob. Anyway, I'm slowly working my way through finishing it all (I've divided it up into dates/events to make it easier for myself, lol) but I have no idea if I ever will, me being me, and since I finished the first part and I quite like it I thought I'd post it here. >.>;

Title: no title yet, because I'm a dork :B
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: England, Portugal [OC]
Summary: June 1147 - the siege of Lisbon, and how England and Portugal first met.
Rating: So, so G. For now.
Word Count: 888

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[Spain] ¿No tienes tomates?

fanart spam post!

Because I'm bored and drew a hell of a lot of art today, and because I can, have a huge art dump of everything half-decent I've doodled/drawn in the past few weeks or so. XD Some of you have probably seen some of these already but I can't remember who I've shown what to, so have it all, peh. :P

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[Lyle] OMG YAY

FANMIX - Doctor Who - Oliver Day - Mr. Brightside

My God it has been almost a year since I did a fanmix. (Also, yay for two entries in one day?) ANYWAY, here is a new fanmix for you all to enjoy! ♥ And for today's subject...

Medium: Book (Television? livejournal RP? idek)
Fandom: Doctor Who (Big Finish books)
Subject: Oliver Day
Title: Mr. Brightside
Warnings: Spoilers for all of Oliver's story, and then some. Lots of .m4as - I'm really sorry but I couldn't get them to convert ;o; And I admit, this mix is all Crucible's, and by extension Megumi's, Jchan's and Big Finish's fault.
Notes: I've been messing around with an Oliver playlist for a couple of weeks now and only now pulled it together to make a mix. (Which quite awesomely, means that this coincides with Meechan's birthday! :3 ♥) I had to fight to not flood the mix with The Killers as well. XD; I wanted to put quotes from the book in the liner notes but between me leaving to go away and me coming back I seem to have misplaced my copy of Snapshots and it's REALLY ANNOYING ME and I wanted to get this up today ;o;. So. Yes, no quotes. ;~~;

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[Spain] ¿No tienes tomates?


So it just occurred to me that when I was making my mad dash around my games yesterday to tell them all I'd be on hiatus, putting something up in my personal journal completely slipped my mind.

SO YES, THIS IS THIS POST. ♥ I am heading off to Hawkhirst (a campsite with a lake somewhere in Northumberland area) to try and improve my mediocre sailing skills for five days and hopefully come out the other side one step closer to getting my Duke of Edinburgh Gold award, so. Yes. :X No internets so I will be unable to talk to you lovely people until I get back. ;~~;

ILU ALL and will be back on Friday! ♥
[Lyle] OMG YAY

(no subject)


Now, so that this post isn't completely pointless, have all the random Gundam 00 icons that I've been making since October last year. All made in photobucket which is why they're so crap, but meh. Take 'em if you want 'em! [SPOILERS FOR THE LATEST EPISODE - s2 ep18]

Allelujah [9]
Lyle [14]
Anew [3]
Lyle/Anew [1]
Lockon (Neil)/Tieria [1]
Kyrios [2]

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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Now, to stop procrastinating and actually do my Spanish. XD;
[Lyle] OMG YAY

"He gets a 'Get out of all this shit alive card' or something."


What happens when you combine a bloody freezing night, pizza paid for by someone else (Tyr and his grammar Naziness as just demonstrated now -__-), fandom talk, and the TyrFel monster.

So we were walking home from the Network start-up meeting (mostly highly scoutified except when me and Tyr started communicating silently through the medium of quantum brain waves and eye contact) and the talk as usual turned to fandom, and more specifically Gundam. Even more specifically, the end of the series:

Tyr: So the series is going to end with Saji and Louise dying in each other's arms, or at least killing each other.
Fel: No, the series is going to end like this: GN particles fall, everyone dies except Lyle, who gets a "they killed my brother so I get out of all this shit alive card" or something thanks to his twin having been killed last season.
Tyr: And Tieria as Lyle needs a lover (Sorry Shirooooo~~). Really, Aeolia Schenburg's plan is GN particles fall, everyone dies except the people who emigrate to space. Everything else is just flavour text.

Then while we were waiting for pizza in the keba-pizza-fish-n-chip shop we got onto a talk about how the reason that everyone on DDD mindhives together all the time is because we're all secretly results of the same experiment and it gave us quantum brainwaves. IT'S CLEARLY THE ONLY EXPLANATION.

Oh and we got onto some brief tangent about Hank Hercules (which inevitably resulted in me singing snatches of Zero to Hero) and we decided he was some strange amalgeration of American and Greek because anyone with a name like that is THAT. BADASS. (Tyr: Also slash is NOT appreciated.)

.... so yeah this is what I'm doing except revising for the mock I have tomorrow. 8D Oh well~
[Spain] ¿No tienes tomates?

In the wake of the mental regression virus, have a meme. Because everyone likes memes.

Stolen from Kratos!

Pick any character I've played / created and I will tell you:

* what initially prompted me to like the character enough to write about him/her.
* one of his/her best traits.
* one of his/her worst traits.
* how easy/difficult I find it to write the character.
* the story/thread/chapter/post/etc where I feel that I truly captured them.
* my plans (if any) to write the character in the near future.
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